Easy-to-use sync locks for distributed systems

Lockable lets you synchronize multi-process workloads via easy to acquire locks.

Acquire synchronization locks from anywhere via simple https requests:
$ curl https://api.lockable.dev/v1/acquire/2bf94941-f79

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While you hold the lock, nobody else will be able to acquire it:
$ curl https://api.lockable.dev/v1/acquire/2bf94941-f79

Locks can be released, or eventually expire if unused.
Works everywhere

AWS, GCP, Azure, on-prem, even on your laptop. Processes do not need to share access to any common resources - they only need to be able to make https requests to api.lockable.dev

Easy to use

Quickly start developing without worrying about setting up and maintaining a new database or a service like Consul.

Compatible with all programming languages

Since lockable runs as a service, it is language agnostic. You can use it from Python, Java, C, Javascript, Go, even bash!

The official Python library makes using lockable a breeze

Install the library:
$ pip install lockable.dev
Followed by:
from lockable import Lock

with Lock(‘my_lock_name’):
  #do something

How it works

Choose a lock name and attempt to
acquire it
. If the lock is available you will acquire it. Otherwise, you can retry after a timeout.
By default, locks live in the same public namespace, so make sure you pick a hard-to-guess name to avoid collisions. Private namespaces are available for Business tier users.

$ curl https://api.lockable.dev/v1/
/<your_lock_name> { "response": true }

send a heartbeat
to let lockable.dev know you still want to keep the lock.

$ curl https://api.lockable.dev/v1/
/<your_lock_name> { "response": true }

When you're done,
release the lock

$ curl https://api.lockable.dev/v1/

Easy to use, worry-free distributed locking



  • Unlimited
    number of locks in the public namespace
  • Locks come with a lease of 60 seconds


  • Unlimited
    number of locks in your own, private namespace
  • Locks come with a flexible lease of up to 24 hours
  • Priority support